Explanation of my Art:

It is not so easy to describe yourself, more over your art. It is not like standing in front of a mirror. I will start with this – I was at 4 when I discovered painting, but I had to become 40 years old to begin to understand what it really is.

I am not master-handed in painting, and I am not trying to become such. What I am trying to achieve, is to go deeper in the artist’ s soul, to represent all of these emotions – happiness, joy, sorrow, victory and disappointment, love and jealousy – only by using colours.

What I am doing while painting is to put my eyesight and hard work on each of my empty white canvas while the image of my suffering or happiness appears on it.

Sometimes I feel like I do not know who exactly I am and I think I am living someone else’ s life – the life of an older painter, who has been dying and reincarnating in various bodies and forms many times ago, but who always was searching the novelty. I am doing the same with my paintings – by taking various forms and shapes I am trying to explore myself while painting and this makes me even more curious what else I will experience! This is what is hidden behind my paintings and what makes them what they are… without proper composition and frowned upon the centuries old dogmas in painting. They are just a confined colorful freedom which follows its new rules.

Thank You.