“Uncensored Museums” by Aleksander Binev

“Uncensored Museums” by Aleksander Binev

My trip to Madrid, three months ago with 3 classical museums in tree different episodes, presented on my way with shots and movies.

And also some local (London) added shots to make my movie more memorable and complete my book of memory.

All it’s my creation apart from the Music…
Thank You, People! Thank you to All musicians and DJ’s with soul and passion.
You really inspire me to leave something behind.
All my arts it’s because of You.
Thank you and Enjoy.

24 – Май
Щом четете това значи знаете какъв ден е.
Доказателства не трябват, а култура във всички сфери и обмен, това трябва!

Моя пример е прост, но нещата, които видях ме направиха сложен.

Заповядайте и ви Благодаря.
И за вниманието, и за времето ви.